Mary Murphy Neurosurgeon

Patient Testimonials

from patients and patient's families

These are the full testimonials from which the excerpts on my home page were taken. Names have be anonymised to maintain patient confidentiality.

Patient Mr. R.B.

In December 2015 I found that my walking was deteriorating and I had to stop playing golf. Having had lower back problems for years I assumed that was the problem. Several visits to an Osteopath, Chiropractors and a Physiotherapist did not solve the problem which was steadily worsening during the next few months.

At the end of April AXA-PPP requested I be fast tracked to see a Neuro Surgeon and I was fortunate to find Miss Murphy had an early appointment for a consultation. Still convinced my lower back was the problem I was surprised when Miss Murphy said it was my neck!

MRI Scan proved how wrong I had been and within two weeks of the consultation I had a Cervical Laminectomy at the London Clinic. Miss Murphy had said that without an operation a wheelchair beckoned! Two days later I was allowed home and have been recovering at home as the wound healed. Back driving now and my review consultation is soon due after eight weeks.

I cannot thank Miss Murphy enough for how she explained at all stages what was required and would happen and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for the skill with which she and her team has given me a vast improvement in my quality of life and my walking.

R. B., June 2016

Best wishes and thanks Tracey for all your help along the way.

R. B.

Wife of Patient T.

Miss Mary Murphy was the London based Consultant Neurosurgeon for the team that treated my husband for a ruptured brain aneurysm. And team it was. Every aspect of her team including the surgeon, neuroradiologist, HDU and Nuffield nursing staff, occupational therapy staff and neuropsychologists at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in Queens Square performed their part with the utmost competence, professionalism and empathy. Miss Murphy herself inspires confidence with her quiet yet authoritative relational leadership approach. No issue was ever too much trouble for her to respond to. Miss Murphy treats her patients as people with hearts and minds that need attention as much as the injured brain does. She has maintained contact and support to us since our relocation to another country through her exceptional personal assistant. Miss Murphy is to be commended and recommended as the complete package in her field as a highly skilled and empathetic doctor and consultant.

Professor L.T.


Patient Mr. S.J.

Miss Murphy arranged Cyberknife treatment for my Trigeminal Neuralgia in February. When I saw her in a follow up consultation at the end of March I was able to report a 50% improvement (reduction in pain and frequency). We were both a little disappointed that is was not better. However since then the pain has continued to diminish to a state now where the pain has ‘almost’ completely gone (after 3 years). Please pass my thanks on.

Life is now far more bearable.

Thanks to all again.


Patient Mr. J.A.

Last week I had a coiling/stent procedure for an aneurysm carried out while at your Nuffield ward in Queen Sq.

I was under the care of Miss Mary Murphy with Dr Fergus Robertson carrying out the procedure.

Both have been absolutely brilliant in the way they have looked after me from the start, especially when things didn't go to plan.

From a patient's point of view, its not just a matter of technical competency, you also need the personal reassurance.

Absolutely everyone I came in contact with during my stay provided a great service that you can be proud of. 


Patient Mrs. A.S.

Dear Dr Holdright, Mr Yap and Miss Murphy 

A little update:  I continue to improve and at the beginning of April shipped into England with my horse Vicky, as I had qualified for the Area Festival (Nationals for amateurs).  I competed and was alright.  I stayed nearly 5 weeks in England training and doing some competitions.  I went to my first Premier League show and exactly two years to the day from my craniotomy did my first ever Intermédiaire I (next level up).  It was an emotional day, so I bought a photograph as attached. 

I am back in Jersey and all is well, but I am not as resilient as I was and am a bit tired.  I have had to put my feet up every afternoon for the last week.   

Thank you all for saving my life and looking after me.

A. S.

Patient T.C.

Hi Tracey,

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and Miss Murphy, I have been amazed by the swiftness and the treatment I have received and I couldn't thank you enough.

Kind regards,

T. C.